About Dinah Shore Weekends

Though the Dinah Shore Weekend in Palm Springs comes but once a year, Dinah Shore Weekends is dedicated to bringing you tips, resources, and useful information about the Dinah Shore Weekend event on a year-round basis.  Here, you’ll find guides to Palm Springs Hotels, Dining, and Clubs — all essential elements of a fun and successful trip to Palm Springs and the Dinah Shore Weekend.  Likewise, we’re dedicated to making sure lesbians in California and all over the country are able to enjoy the Dinah Shore Weekend with a sexy date or dates!  We realize the weekend is certainly not a solitary pursuit thus furnish many tips and tricks for hooking up before, during, and after the Dinah Shore Weekend.

Check back often for new videos, photos, tips, and recommendations on the Dinah Shore Weekend!

If you’re looking for Dinah Shore wiki style information, or Dinah Shore Weekend photos, photographs, images, videos, or anything else, let us know specifically what you’re in the mood for and we can pull together some of the Dinah Shore 2009 or 2008, or any other year of the Dinah Shore history for you.

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