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Posted on 26 December 2009 by admin

Dinah Shore Weekend is very well known for its lesbian party scene for singles…and swinging singles, but it’s time you know that it’s very popular for couples looking for a good time as well.

A lot of couples go to Dinah Shore Weekend together to enjoy each other and to enjoy other people, so expect it before you get there, and there will be less of an abrupt surprise when someone wants to dance with your significant other.  If you’re looking for a one night “date” with a single, you find it there, but you can also find couples that are looking for another couple to enjoy the company of for a night.

Lesbian singles in your area @

Romance is at the heart of Dinah Shore Weekend but it’s all wrapped up and presented in the beautiful lure of attractive women ready to date, party, fall in love, have sex, and do it all over again the next day.  Be quick to get phone numbers, but don’t bring your phone out of your room because you’ll probably destroy it when you’re dragged into the swimming pool for a quick makeout session with a swinging single or a swapping couple.

So come prepared to enjoy each other, and enjoy others, or at the very least enjoy watching other, meeting new friends, and be happy if someone is attracted to your partner.

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