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Dinah Shore Weekends Hotels

Posted on 26 December 2009 by admin

The big question on most people’s minds revolves around where to stay…

This is a tough one because there are so many parties going on at different hotels, resorts, motels, etc.  Some parties are guest exclusive, meaning you can only get in if you’re a guest of the hotel having the party, or a guest (date >:) of a hotel guest.

Here’s a quick list the best hotels to stay at based on the parties going on in them, and a link to discounted rates on those hotels!

1) Riviera Resort and Spa – Offers great, huge, pool parties where girls are known to frequent wearing nothing but string bikini bottoms.  This hotel is usually booked by mid-January… There’s always a great DJ to go along with the pool party too. Hotels – save up to 50%

2) Andreas Hotel & Spa – Rumors of an opening-day party that starts early with mimosas, and ends late with bloody marys (great drink prices too).  This is one of the chicest hotels in Palm Springs and the most gorgeous women stay here.  These are some of the best (not to mention most inexpensive) drinks in Palm Springs, so staying here can save you a lot of money to continue your good time through the weekend without having to pinch pennies. Palm Springs Hotels Find Your Deals Now

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